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Kuk Sool Won is a traditional Korean martial arts, and therefore etiquette plays an extremely important role in our training and development as martial artists. Proper etiquette demonstrates respect for the art, for one’s instructors and for one’s fellow students.


Bowing is probably the most obvious form of demonstrating martial arts etiquette. In Western culture, bowing is often misundrstood, as many have little experience in the act of bowing. In Korean culture, as well as other East Asian countries, bowing is not used as a sign of subservience or inferiority, but as a sign of respect and often simply as a method of greeting. 

In Asian cultures, bowing can be divided into three categories:

Informal bows – executed by bending forward at the waist about 15 degrees (not use in martial arts)

Semi-formal bows – executed from the “attention” position by bending forward at the waist to a 90 degree angle.

Formal bows – executed from a kneeling position by placing the hands on the floor and lowering the head to the hands.

The Formal and Semi-formal bows have distinct purposes in Kuk Sool Won, which you will discover as you begin your training.

Club Rules

Below is a list of club rules that all students of Kuk Sool Won of North Birmingham must follow. We ask that parents and guardians also help to implement these:

-Always show proper respect to your instructor, your club, and to yourself.

-Always refer to male instructors as “Sir”, and female instructors as “Ma’am”, or by their appropriate titles.

-When you enter and leave the Dojahng (training hall), bow towards the flags and the highest ranking instructor in the room.

-Always be at class on time. If you are late, ask the instructor for permission to join the class.

-Attend class on a regular basis. If you are unable to make class, let us know in advance.

-Keep your uniform neat, clean and odour free.

-A black t-shirt must be worn under your uniform.

-Always wear your full uniform, including belt, to class. If it is warm, you may ask the instructor’s permission to remove your jacket after the opening bows.

-No jewellery is to be worn whilst practicing.

-No unauthorised teaching between classmates.

-No offensive language is to be used in the Dojahng.

-You must not practice Kuk Sool Won at school, or with your friends. Only practice at home with your parents’/guardians’ permission.

-Come to class clean and well groomed, with nails trimmed and long hair tied back.

-Ask for your instructor’s permission before practicing with weapons – weapons are not usually taught until brown belt level.

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 Kuk Sool Won of North Birmingham

Pole Position, London Road
Bassets Pole
Sutton Coldfield
West Midlands
B75 5SA

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