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PSBN James Chapman (3rd Dahn Chief Instructor)

PSBN James first started training in Kuk Sool Won back in 2000 at the age of 7 at Kuk Sool Won of Tamworth under Master John Gravenall. He trained there for a number of years, and promoted to 1st Dahn Black Belt in June 2005. At the age of 13, PSBN James took a temporary break to focus on academics and other sports, but returned to training aged 18 alongside his younger brother, JKN Oliver. Upon his return, PSBN James’ passion for Kuk Sool only became even greater. During 2012-2015, he left Tamworth to study at the University of Liverpool. In order to continue his training, PSBN James trained at Kuk Sool Won of Liverpool under Master Carl Barrie. In November 2015, PSBN James promoted to 2nd Dahn Black Belt. PSBN James has also practiced Kuk Sool internationally, with trips to the USA and to Spain. He has trained at the former WKSA HQ in Tomball, Texas with instruction from Master Sung Jin Suh (9th Dahn), and Master Alex Suh (8th Dahn),the Grandmaster’s eldest sons. He also trained at Clear Lake, Texas, Under 9th Dahn Masters Barry and Choon Ok Harmon, and at Cinco Ranch, Texas with SBN Chris Pak. PSBN James has also visited San Francisco twice and trained at PKJN Dong Nguyen's school in Millbrae. PSBN James Promoted to his current rank of 3rd Dahn Black Belt in November 2019.

Personal Achievements:
2015 European Championships - Grand Champion (1st Dahn Men)
2015 UK Championships - Grand Champion (1st Dahn Men)
2019 Scottish Championships - Grand Champion (2nd Dahn Men)
2019 World Championships - Grand Champion (2nd Dahn)
2019 UK Championships - Grand Champion (2nd Dahn 25-39)

KSN Amy Hudson (2nd Dahn Chief Instructor, Designated Safeguarding Lead)

KSN Amy also began her Kuk Sool Won training at a young age back in 2003, not long before her 5th birthday. KSN Amy also started her training under Master John Gravenall at Kuk Sool Won of Tamworth. She took a small break from training after reaching the Dahn Bo Nim (Black Belt candidate) level, but shortly returned to complete her black belt training. KSN Amy promoted to Jo Kyo Nim (1st Dahn Black Belt) in 2013, and from there began to take her training to the next level. One of KSN Amy’s favourite aspects of Kuk Sool Won is the competitions. She has competed in many tournaments, nationally and internationally, earning over 70 medals in total, of all different colours. In April 2017, KSN Amy competed in her first international tournament in Barcelona, Spain. That same year, she went on to win 2 gold medals in the European Championships, and also promoted to 2nd Dahn Black Belt. In October 2018, Amy visited Houston to compete in the World Championships, where she medalled in every division, Including a gold medal in the staff category. In order to keep her skill level high, KSN Amy attends all of the workshops and seminars that she is able to across the country. Alongside PSBN James, she has also trained under the top Masters and instructors in the world, including Master Sung Jin Suh and Master Alex Suh, the Grandmaster’s eldest two sons, and various high ranking masters from across the country. KSN Amy has begun testing for her 3rd Dahn Black Belt as of June 2019. KSN Amy is also the designated Safeguarding Lead for the club.

Personal Achievements:
2019 UK Championships - Grand Champion (2nd Dahn 18-24)

 Kuk Sool Won of North Birmingham

Pole Position, London Road
Bassets Pole
Sutton Coldfield
West Midlands
B75 5SA

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